History Of The Golf Ball

Golf balls have interesting history and its amazing to know how its evolved with time. Lets go throgh the jounrney of Golf balls. 

What is the Standard size of the Golf Balls ?

The golf ball has a standard size that is allowed currently. They are usually subject to testing and approval by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.The standard size allowed for the ball is 1.62 inches and should weigh about 45 grams.

It is a tiny small ball with a smooth coating usually a two, three-piece with the former consisting of a solid inner core that has a thick covering of a tough material.

It is said that the more dimples it has, the higher the ball goes. The dimples were the first feature of a golf ball with most golf balls having 250-450 dimples. The ball with most dimples had 1070 dimples.

What are the types of Golf balls ?

It has two primary types if we categorize that. 

1.Advanced and Recreational Golf Balls

Most balls are usually white, but there are some coloreds that are used when in frosty weather. There are recreational and advanced balls.

The advanced balls are those made of three or more layers, have a sensation of softness in one’s hands, and are played by physically strong players. Ordinary golfers who have low swing speeds use the recreational balls.

2. Practice golf balls , Recycled Golf Balls and Marks out Golf Balls

The practice golf balls are cheap and durable that usually has lesser flight distances. They are hard-cored balls. They are also labeled ‘practice’ and the players are usually able to see them easily since they have one or two lines printed on them.

Recycled golf balls usually are those that hit into water or are buried in the sand. They are collected and then cleaned to remove the stains they get. They are then sold to the retailers at a cheap price. Some of these balls are usually top grade and are resold as new similar to unused balls.

The mark outs golf balls are balls that are of lower quality, and the manufacturer does not want to sell them. The balls are labeled and packed to be sold at a cheap discount. They are not allowed to be played in competitions.

The golf ball has gradually moved from the wooden ball that was smooth and round. They were mostly used in the15th century.

The feathery golf ball a development of the wooden ball was the first officially recognized golf ball, which was a firm compression of chicken or goose feathers covered by pieces of leather patches. 

Then came the gutta percha golf ball, which was made from a tree that had leaves, which produced a liquid rubber solution that could be easily shaped. It was a stronger ball compared to the feathery ball. It was also the cheaper ball to produce.

The bramble golf ball was a little advancement of the gutta percha ball to give it shape.

The Haskell golf ball invented by Haskll was the first ball to have an outer cover made of balata and its centre core was wrapped with rubber.

The recent modern day golf ball is made up of two or three pieces and is dimpled.

Below are some of the golf balls used in the past in the golf tournaments.

 look of old golf balls





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