Iconic Brands in Tennis Balls

No matter the level of skill that a player possesses, the quality of the ball has a major impact on the quality of the Tennis played. Professionals prefer to play with fast balls; as they put them in a position that allows them to generate a certain amount of spin & power.

Top players know how important the ball that they decide to use is and will usually put their faith in one of the top brands listed below, mainly Penn & Wilson. Even though they will not possess the same skill level as the professionals even amateurs need good quality balls that respond well to spin, air and can be controlled even when powerful.

Here are the top tennis ball brands:



Buy Penn tennis balls online in USAThis is one of the leading tennis ball brands on the market.

This is mainly due to the top quality balls they produce that respond really well to hard and clay courts.

They will possess deep elastic seams, some of the best durability possible in a tennis ball, and properties that allow them to receive less shock also they are made of natural rubber.

Penn balls must pass rigourous quality control tests. The Penn Regular Duty Championship tennis balls provide some essentials such as measured bounce and good durability.

They produce light balls with a distinct fee; to them from the use of less felt than the average tennis ball. Professional and amateur players vouch for the court advantage offered by the different types of Penn balls.

They are used in the ATP tennis tournament which features most of the biggest names in tennis.

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Buy Wilson Tennis Balls Online in USAWilson is regarded as one of the biggest tennis ball brands and is a well-known name in Tennis;

it is used as the official ball for a number of major tournaments around the world. Wilson produces extra duty balls that are known to have very good bounce.

It is said by some that the balls often improve your performance.

They are suited to almost every type of court but are best for harder courts.

Some of the tournaments that are played with Wilson balls include the US Open and the Australian Open.

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https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/a/a6/Dunlop_tyres.svg/1280px-Dunlop_tyres.svg.pngDunlop have a built a name for themselves manufacturing tennis balls as they have been doing for the past 80 years.

They provide the player with great durability, and the pressurized balls are suitable for and used in many major tournaments.

The durability level of Dunlop balls is better than many of the balls listed here and can only be beaten by the likes of the Wilson Double Core.

Dunlop ball collections include

  • Club Championship,
  • Fort Clay Court,
  • Fort Max TP,
  • Fort Roland Garros Clay Court,
  • Pro Tour,
  • Tour Brilliance, and
  • Tour Performance.

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Buy Gamma tennis balls online in USAGamma balls provide exceptional flight, bounce, and also spin responses when freshly purchased, and the bounce outlasts a standard or cheaper tennis ball.

But they do have one weakness which is that they tend to wear down quicker on harder courts. On the other hand the pricing is reasonable and they offer great durability when used on clay courts. The main reason is they have great bounce is due to the fact that the nitrogen gas used in pressurizing them lasts very long. They are usually distributed with 3 balls per can.

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Buy Slazenger tennis balls online in USAThis is another household name in terms of manufacturing and producing tennis balls and racquets.

The brand is used worldwide thanks to the efficiency and great service they have provided in the many years they have been distributing tennis balls and racquets across the globe.

The ball is used in one, if not the biggest tennis tournament which is Wimbledon, the Wimbledon ball was manufactured with use of dye substances to improve visibility for both players and spectators.

This version of the ball also features the Hydroguard technology, which repels more water than a standard ball.

The main purpose for this technology is to ensure that the game will be able to continue through wet weather.

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