Iconic brands of volleyball

There are several iconic brands of volleyballs that are presently used; here are some of the popular brands considered:


Mikasa volleyballs are specifically made by Mikasa which is a sports equipment company that is headquartered in Hiroshima in Japan. The company specializes in the manufacture of sports balls that are usually used all over the world.

Mikasa volleyballs are usually considered as official balls for most worldwide competitions and other local leagues especially in the continent of North America. In the London Olympics that were held in the year 2012 Mikasa volleyballs were the official balls used. Presently, these balls are used in most schools and colleges in United States of America. Mikasa volleyballs are the official balls used by the International Federation of Volleyball worldwide.


Spalding is a popular sports equipment company whose headquarters is in Kentucky in the United States of America. Spalding is one of the official providers of international tournament volleyballs. The Spalding volleyballs has always regarded as one of the best volleyballs by Federation international de volleyball (FIVB). These balls are therefore used in the following tournaments;


The American multinational corporation company manufactures volleyballs among other sport apparels. The headquarters of this popular company is in Washington County in the United States. Apart from being an international sponsorship volleyball company, its balls have been rated by FIVB as the best for international tournaments. These balls are therefore perfect for all types of games,

Traditional volleyball tournaments

Indoor volleyball tournaments.

Beach volleyball tournaments.


Molten is a sports company that specializes in sports equipments including volleyballs that are usually used for official matches, competitions and other well known games. The headquarters of this company is in Hiroshima in Japan; Molten is the official producer of the USA Volleyball while in 2012, the NCAA championship tournament, and molten volleyballs were used.


The Wilson sporting goods company is headquartered in Chicago, United States. Volleyballs with this brand are used various parts of the world and in the AVP tournament, they were the official balls used.  These volleyballs are usually marketed with a Wilson’s face on them which is also the official logo of the company.


Tachikara is a well known Japanese company that makes balls including volleyballs among other sporting equipments. They are very popular because of the type of the volleyballs that they make that are mostly used in official balls of the NAIA women’s tournaments and national volleyball tournaments that are usually held in the following countries; China, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Canada.

Cosco volley

Cosco is a popular volleyball brand where its balls are made uniquely by stitching materials together; some of the popular colors of balls in this category include; white-dark, blue- yellow. They are used in most official tournaments in most regions especially in the United States.


Baden Volleyballs are perfect for people of all ages and they are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor tournaments.