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History of the Basketball. Buy basketballs online USA














A basketball is an inflated sphere with an outer covering. It is 75 to 78cm in circumference and weighs 600 to 650 grams. It must be made of leather in official competitions.

Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five go head to head on a rectangular court with the objective being to get the ball through the hoop which is 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter and 10 feet (3.048 m) high mounted to a backboard. There are multiple ways to get it through the hoop, also known as scoring including dunking the ball, performing a layup or making a shot, The game also consists of passing to your team mates, defending, which includes blocks and steals and more.

The sport was created by a Professor named Dr James Naismith who was attempting to find a way to keep students active during a rainy day, he did not believe that any of the other sports that were available to him were suitable for indoor play.

So, he nailed a peach basket to a wall that was 3.05m (10 feet) high and proceeded with the creation of what is now known as Basketball. The objective was simple, to attempt to shoot the football (soccer ball) into the peach basket. You may question whether football was a typo, but no, when the sport was created it was played with a football and the first “Basketball” was created in the year 1894 when Naismith asked A.G. Spalding & Bros. to develop the first basketball.



The first purpose-built basketballs were made from panels of leather stitched together with a rubber bladder inside. A cloth lining was then added to the ball mainly to support it and provide it with an individual identity; the first moulded basketball was made in 1942. During the years 1967 through 1976, the American Basketball Association (ABA) which was the first Major league, used a distinctive red, white and blue basketball that is still seen today occasionally.

The original basketballs were made with laces (as pictured above), these were not removed until 1937 starting out with Spalding Basketballs but eventually rolling out to all brands and basketball manufacturers.

The peach buckets were also replaced by metal hoops and backboards as popularity of the sport increased.

Another feature that would not last long is the colours of the basketballs, as seen above, they were originally brown, this poised visibility issues for spectators and fans alike and so in the year of 1950, Tony Hinkle made the decision to create a new orange ball and the colour scheme is still being used up to this day.

Also it is well known that until the late fifties, dribbling was not all featured in the game of basketball except from the means of the bounce pass which was used to get the ball to your teammates. This was mainly because the shape of the ball did not support dribbling but with changes and improvements in manufacture in the fifties dribbling was able to be added to the game.

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