Which Volleyball To Use

If you are a regular volleyball player, you are required to invest in a ball that is perfect in terms of quality and longevity.

There are therefore different types of these balls in the market depending on the age group of the individual interested.

The most popular Indoor Volleyball

For indoor volleyball, there are several balls that you can get from the market; Tachikara is one of the best examples; it is a ball approved for beginners and high school competition. The ball weighs 9.1-9.8oz and has a circumference of 25.6; it is made of leather with dual internal bladder.

There is also the Molten Volleyball popularly in official volleyball games; the pro touch is suitable for men while the super touch molten ball is commonly used by the women.

Mikasa was unveiled during the 2008 Olympic games and has been adopted in many games ever since; the shape and the texture of the ball is perfect and can be used by all genres and age groups.

Most Popular Outdoor Volleyball

In the market, there are several ball types that are appropriate for all age groups from juniors to adults. The most popular is the Spalding volleyball that is also known as the all weather ball; it is made of composite leather and has the ability of withstanding all the weather conditions. It is therefore the most ideal for most beach tournaments worldwide.

The Wilson volleyball with bright yellow panels is also available in most markets and it is preferred because it provides better visibility. It is also very suitable especially for players who are at the beginning and intermediate level.

Mikasa is the official beach summer ball and is made of composite leather which is of good quality and is equally affordable.

Volleyballs for beginners

If the beginners are still young under the age of twelve years, they are required to use balls with following characteristics; the balls have to be light in terms of weight approximately 7.0oz. If they are aged from 12years to 16 years, they are required to use balls that have a weight of 7.5-8.1 0z.

Under this category, there are different brands of volleyballs that are suitable; the 6.5 oz Tachikara brand is appropriate for beginners, intermediaries and those who are aged 12 years and under. It is therefore the best ball that will ensure the elementary children understand all the basics and other fundamentals of volleyball.

Volleyball For advanced players

Most advanced players use Volleyballs from different brands but they are required to have the standard requirements based on the International rule book of the FIVB.

Volleyball For Professional players

They are also required to use balls that have standard requirements in accordance to the rule book.

Therefore the standard requirements of any brand of volley ball that is to be used by either the advanced or professional players are; it has to be spherical in shape and made from leather that is genuine and flexible or from synthetic leather.

The color of the ball should be uniform and light or a combination of up to three colors; the circumference of their balls should be 65-67cm, inside pressure of 0.3-0.325 pa and a weight of 260-280g.